How to Use Aloe Vera
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: [No Name Given]
Posted on: January 21, 1999

Can you please tell me all the ways Aloe Vera can be used. I purchased an Aloe Vera leaf and I am not sure how to use it.

It would be impossible to describe all the uses of aloe vera in this posting – there are books devoted to the subject. The two main uses of the plant are as a healing gel for burns, cuts, scapes, sunburn, and many other skin problems, and as a mild purgative and treatment for gastrointestinal problems including ulcers.

Aloe vera is a favourite of mine because when I speak to audiences about the value of medicinal herbs, most people are familiar with the power of aloe to sooth and heal sunburns. The gel, which is easy to squeeze or scape out of the thick, succulent leaves, applies easily to burned areas and immediately cools the burning sensation. Once I have reminded the audience of the sheer power of the plant, I can easily proceed to talk about the power of many other medicinal herbs.

Aloe vera is also among the easiest of herbs to grow indoors. Indeed, most people grow aloe indoors as a house plant, not as a medicinal plant, and only come to know later that it is a valuable medicinal aid. It can be grown in any south, east or west facing window, and it does not require much care. Bugs rarely bother it, and it is uncommonly forgiving to forgetful waterers. The only major caveat is to make sure that you do not overwater the plant.

So, there is no reason at all to buy leaves; home grown plants can provide all you need.

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