Blood Clots
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Ruth
Posted on: January 27, 1999

I am looking for some information on natural blood thinners. I am a 26 year old female and 2 years ago I developed a blood clot from my groin to the top of my leg. This was during the last 4 weeks of my first pregnancy. I took warfarin for six months to try to clear up the clot, but the damage is done and the scar tissue lines my vein now just like a clot. I would like to have more children but i was told that if I did I would have to be on heparin shots in order to keep my blood thin, I would like to find a more natural way. Please let me know of any herbs that I could take that would thin my blood like warfarin or heparin.

Since blood thinning can be life threatening by inhibiting the clotting of blood in wound healing, it is important that you are under the care and supervision of a health professional when using blood thinning agents. A herbalist or naturopath can help you to determine dosages and blood tests will show how much your blood is thinning.

Thomas Bartram, in "Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine" (available at Richters), states Ginkgo biloba is a circulatory stimulant and dilates blood vessels. Varro Tyler, in "Herbs of Choice" (Pharmaceutical Products Press, 10 Alice Street, Birmingham, NY, 13904-1580, U.S.A.) stares that Ginkgo has platelet-activating factor inhibitors which increase blood fluidity, improving circulation. Recommended dosage of the standardized extract of Ginkgo is one 40mg tablet three times daily with meals.

Horsechestnut seed (Aesculus hippocasranum) protects, tones and dilates blood vessels. It has been shown that its action of toning the veins improves return blood flow to the heart.

Studies show that garlic thins the blood, prevents blood clots from forming and lowers cholesterol. Kathi Keville, in "Herbs for Health and Healing" (Berkley Publishing Group, New York) suggests that one to four cloves for every 35 pounds of body weight daily are required to produce this effect. Onions have the same effect.

Studies have shown that ginger and turmeric are very effective in stopping blood clots from forming.

Hawthorn berries dilate the coronary blood vessels, increasing the blood flow through the heart. Hawthorn is used to strengthen the heart in circulatory problems.

Bilberries or blueberries (Vaccinum myrtillus) strengthen blood vessels and tone the veins.

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