Astragalus (Chinese Milk Vetch) and Chemotherapy
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Yana Beekmans
Posted on: January 28, 1999

Susun Weed, in "Breast Cancer? Breast Health!" (Ash Tree Publishing) states that astragalus: enhances the immune system by restoring T-cell functioning, increasing interferon synthesis and strengthening killer cells; invigorates by building rich blood; protects against stress by protecting the spleen, adrenal cortex and pituitary gland; protects lungs,; protects and restores bone marrow; improves appetite; relieves lymphedema; lowers high blood pressure; anti-tumour; anti-inflammatory.

She suggests a daily dosage of:

* dried root infusion: 1-4 cups

* cooked fresh roots may be eaten freely

* tincture of fresh or dried root:45-60 drops

* dried root: up to 2 ounces (60 grams)

No toxicity has been reported even from large doses over long periods of time.

Susun Weed notes that life span is significantly increased when astragalus is used as a complementary medicine with chemotherapy or radiation treatments, as is frequently the case in China.

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