Menopause, Hypothyroid and Depression
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Dianne
Posted on: January 31, 1999

What herbs and vitamins can I take for estrogen replacement, hot flashes, anti-depressant, thyroid? I take ogen 1.25 mg for estrogen, Paxil - 20 mg. & Desryal - 75 mg. for depression, Synthyrod - for my thyroid - .0100 mg. I am sick all the time and my thyroid stays haywire all the time. I never feel good. I want to stop taking Rx medicine and get on the natural herbs and vitamins. I need to know what to do. Also do I need to do a Colon cleansing program?

You will need to continue with your thyroid medication unless your doctor finds that thyroid hormone tests show otherwise. Hypothyroid medication replaces the thyroid hormones that an underactive thyroid does not produce. With the proper dosage, there are usually no symptoms.

There are many excellent books that describe natural methods to help with menopausal symptoms. Once you understand the menopausal process, described in books recommended, it will be easier for you to decide which method is best for you.

We have previously answered questions similar to yours and recommended books to help with menopause. Please go to our website at, choose "Q&A" and then select "Search Richters Q and A". Enter the word "menopause" for one search and "depression" for another search.

It would be best to consult your doctor and a practitioner in natural medicine, such as a herbalist or naturopath, to help you if you are planning to discontinue any medications. A trained natural practitioner will understand the medications you are on, know what is necessary to bring your system back into balance and monitor your progress.

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