Ginkgo and Kava Kava
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Name not given
Posted on: February 10, 1999

Does taking more than one herb at a time hinder the effect of just taking one? Presently I’m using Kava Kava(root 425 mg ea.) and Ginkgo Biloba (leaf 400mg ea.) three times a day. Any problem with this combination?

Yes, one herb often does alter the effect of another. For example, herbs that are stimulating will increase the stimulating effect of another herb or drug, a relaxing herb will counteract the stimulating effect of a herb or drug.

Kava Kava works on the nervous system. It is calming, relieving insomnia, spasm and pain, and often relieving depression and anxiety. Ginkgo works on the blood circulation. It is stimulating, increasing the blood flow to improve adverse effects of aging on the blood vessels. It affects the nervous system by increasing the blood flow to the brain, and so improving memory and alertness. The effect of these herbs both separately and in combination will vary according to the person. The stimulating effect of the Ginkgo may cancel out some of the calming effects of the Kava Kava.

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