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Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Name not given
Posted on: February 10, 1999

My diet is very pure due to copious food allergies. I only eat fish (mostly salmon), yams, winter squash, mixed greens, and artichokes (no sauces or dressing). My skin is dry and I have almost never had a pimple.

The dermatologist has diagnosed rosacea. She prescribed me Tetracycline and a topical steroid and antifungal. I am perimenopausal and hot flashes also aggravating these rashes which are hot, itchy and profuse. The MD told me that there is no cure.

Thank you for your suggestions. Do you have any additional recommendations in light of this additional information?

The fact that you have migraines and many food allergies suggests that there may be either a dietary deficiency or a food in your diet that is causing distress. I suggest that you work with a holistic health practitioner to work this out. Finding the cause of the allergic reaction can be difficult, and it is important to work with a practitioner who knows your history and is open to looking for the root cause of your problem, possibly in the nervous system, the digestive system or the immune system. Hormone changes around menopause could be a factor. The drugs you are taking may adversely affect your digestion, your adrenal glands and your body’s natural healing mechanisms. A holistic practitioner, library or pharmacy will be able to provide you with a drug guide that will give you information on the common side effects of these drugs.

Kathi Keville, in "Herbs for Health and Healing" (Berkley Publishing Group, New York) suggests that strengthening the immune system is a key factor in helping those with food allergies, stating that the immune system may mistakenly recognize a food as a foe instead of a friend, and attack it. She suggests Marshmallow, Licorice, Chamomile and Echinacea as immune balancing herbs. Marshmallow, Licorice and Chamomile also reduce inflammation caused by allergies, improve digestion and reduce allergic responses.

Keville states that stress and nervousness impair immunity by overtaxing the adrenal glands, and make the allergic reaction more severe. B vitamins and herbs that calm the nervous system such as Chamomile, Valerian, Passionflower or Skullcap can relax the nervous system, allowing the stressed adrenal glands to repair.

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