Pine Oil Soap for Psoriasis
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Leslie
Posted on: February 24, 1999

Could you tell me if you have a recipe for pine tar soap? Or maybe something that will be similar. It is for psoriasis.

We don’t have a recipe for pine tar soap, but we do have one for pine oil soap, which may be just as good for your needs.


* 8 parts water

* 2.5 parts solid caustic soda

* 10 parts alcohol

* 18 parts pine oil

* 17.5 parts red oil (oleic acid)

* 44 parts water

Mix the ingredients, while stirring, in the order shown at about 40 degrees Celsius. Adjust the pH of the final mixture with red oil or caustic soda until a sample in alcohol tests neutral to phenolphthalein (a pH indicator).

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