Dark Circles under Eyes
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Name not given
Posted on: March 2, 1999

I have allergies so I have always had dark circles under my eyes. Is there a vitamin to help that and do you know anything about it whether it would be skin or circulation? Not sure myself don’t know where to start.

Food allergies may be the cause of dark circles under the eyes. To test this, you can try eliminating foods that commonly cause allergies (dairy products, eggs, oranges, wheat) from your diet for two weeks, substituting with other foods such as soy products and 100% rye bread. It is usually helpful to keep a diet diary to keep track of foods eaten each day and the symptoms experienced.

Allergies are related to immune system functioning, so supporting the immune system with vitamin C and Echinacea may be helpful. Evening Primrose Oil provides essential fatty acids that are helpful in allergic conditions.

Other possible causes of dark circles under the eyes could be weak digestion, liver dysfunction, exhaustion and tension. Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) offers gentle support in many of these area, being anti-allergy, a digestive, a relaxant and liver supportive.

For more information on herbs that can be used for allergies, please go to our website at http://www.richters.com. Choose the "Q&A" section, then choose "Search Richters Q and A" then enter the word "allergies" for the search.

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