Children’s Dosage
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Name not given
Posted on: March 3, 1999

I have learned that you can administer this Kava Kava to children with intense emotions to help calm them. But I’m not sure how to determine the amounts for a 4-year old. A regular dosage at 425mg is three times a day. I started giving her one in a.m. and one in p.m. but would like to find out if that is too much. Do you have the answer or could you please direct me?

Herbs are best administered to children as alcoholic tinctures or glycerine extracts, available from a health food store. You can mix the tincture dose with a favourite drink. Dosage for a child is calculated by multiplying the adult dosage times the age of the child, and then dividing by (12 plus age of child). If the adult dosage is given in ml, one ml is equal to twenty drops.

For example, using a 5ml adult dosage, a 4 year old child’s dosage would be: (5ml X 4) / (12 + 4) = 20 / 16 = 1.25 ml, which is 25 drops

Using a 425 mg adult dose of dried herbs or capsules for a 4 year old child, (425 X 4) / (12 + 6) = 1700 / 18 = 94 grams

Herbs such as Kava are usually used in short term situations while working on the underlying cause of the problem. Unless this situation with your daughter is a short term disorder that is responding to counselling, I recommend that you look for nutritional deficiencies or allergies as a possible underlying cause. For dietary information, please see previous answers regarding overactivity in children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder on our website at Go to the "Q&A" area, choose "Search Richters Q and A" and enter the word "attention" for the search. I suggest that you work with a qualified holistic health care practitioner who can guide you in finding out what deficiencies your daughter may have and suggest a balanced approach to her health.

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