Baby’s Chronic Infection
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Name not given
Posted on: March 6, 1999

My son has reoccurring problems with his nose. green and white pus continually comes out of it. He has had his adenoids out and irrigation of his sinus passages. He has been on almost every antibiotic in the book and he is only 1-1/2. I also had an allergy test and has a very little allergy to milk products only. What kind of herbs do you suggest?

Childhood infections such as this are most often caused by allergies to dairy products. Often the allergy is not evident on testing. The allergy and infection usually cause digestive problems as well, so that the child is not absorbing the nutrients required to fight further infection. If it was my child, I would take him off dairy products for a trial period of 3 - 4 weeks, substituting with rice, oat or soy products. If there is no improvement in this period, then dairy is not the problem. Other common allergens are : wheat, oranges, strawberries and tomatoes. All additives and preservatives, including those in soft drinks, ham and pork, are toxic and should be avoided. To determine whether dairy is the allergy, you must be scrupulous in reading every package of food given to your child. The smallest amount, such as the ingredients lactose, whey and skim milk powder that may be additives to margarine and cereals, will trigger the allergy.

When the allergy has been determined and the infection cleared, it may be possible to slowly add the food back into the diet. In the case of dairy allergies, introducing goat’s milk instead of cow’s milk after the testing period usually reduces the incidence of recurrence.

Herbal treatment will not work against allergies. The only cure is to identify and remove the allergen. Herbs can be used to strengthen the immune system and relieve symptoms. A combination of Clivers (Galium aparine), Plantain (Plantago lanceolata), Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) and Elderflowers (Sambucus nigra) will help to reduce the pus and inflammation, improve digestion and calm restlessness that usually accompanies childhood infections. This is best given in tincture form. Good quality tinctures are available on recommendation from a knowledgeable health food store. The tinctures should be mixed, then ten drops of the mixture given in a drink, such as apple juice, that your child likes, three times a day.

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