Fibromyalgia/Chronic Pain/Chronic Tension Headaches/Migraines/Plantar Fasciitus
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Alina Keele
Posted on: March 13, 1999

I am not too familar with Herbs, but my sister recommended that I try them. My Doctor is very frustrated that after all the medication, none seem to be working. Please help me and tell me what your advice is for Herbs. If you could also explain what is in them and if they have any Drug Interreaction.

It is important that you work with a good holistic practitioner, such as a Naturopath or Herbalist, so that your progress can be monitored.

You will find information on your condition in previous answers on our web page. To find them, please go to our website at, select the Q&A area, then choose "Search Richters Q and A" and enter the following words in four separate searches: fibromyalgia, bone spur, migraine and headache.

Plantar fasciitis is stretching of the tissue on the bottom of the heel due to heel spurs (bony extensions at the heel), causing pain.

In general, you want to be very selective in your diet, reduce stress, support your liver functioning and your immune system and detoxify your system. Herbs used for these purposes, as well as vitamin and diet recommendations are described in the web page answers listed above.

In general, you can figure out the herb/drug interaction by comparing the actions of the herbs, as given in precious answers, to the actions of the drugs you are taking. For example if you are taking a sedative drug, a herb that is sedative will cause more sedation.

Some herbal books list the constituents of herbs. You may be able to find such a book in your local library or bookstore, or by using the Richters online catalogue. For example, Thomas Bartram’s "Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine" lists the constituents of herbs and is available at Richters.

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