Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Name not given
Posted on: April 17, 1999

I heard of a herb than can cure acne, called red clover. Is it okay to use? Is it a face wash or a cream or a tea? I have mild acne and I would like to clear it up. I also heard that spikenard and yellow dock root sre good. Do you know which one is the best among those?

Red Clover flowerheads are often used in acne problems. This herb works by clearing the lymphatic vessels through which toxins are removed from the system. It can be taken internally as a tea or tincture.

Yellow Dock (Rumex Crispus) rootworks in clearing toxins from the system through the lymph glands and the bowels and by supporting the liver to process toxins for elimination. Yellow dock is usually taken internally as an alcoholic tincture.

Spikenard (Aralia racemosa) is sometimes used for skin diseases, but I have no experience with its effect.

The most effective way of clearing acne is by changing the diet. Please see previous answers to similar problems on our webpage at Go to the Q&A area, choose "Search Richters Q and A" and enter the word "acne" for one search and "skin" for another search.

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