Cerebral Palsy
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Melissa
Posted on: May 3, 1999

I have a son with cerebral palsy. He is two years old. Is there any thing I can give him that will help him? Please any info, would be greatly appreciated. I am also a stay home Mom and would like to work out of my home I am really getting into herbs do you know of anything.

According to "Alternate Medicine, The Definitive Guide" (compiled by the Burton Goldberg Group and published by Future Medicine Publishing Inc.) the symptoms of cerebral palsy are often aggravated by allergies to certain foods or element they breathe. Food allergies are best tested by eliminating foods that are possible allergens from the diet for a period of one to two weeks and noting the symptoms after each meal. Foods that are common allergens are dairy products, wheat products, oranges, chocolate, tomatoes, eggs and food additives. Eliminating allergens has often improved cerebral palsy.

Another therapy recommended in "Alternate Medicine, The Definitive Guide", is cranial osteopathy given by a fully qualified craniosacral practitioner.

If allergies are a factor, digestion, absorption of nutrients and immunity will be impaired. The diet should be high in fresh fruits and vegetables. Sugar products should be avoided because sugar decreases immunity. Foods high in essential fatty acids, such as beans, lentils, sunflower seeds and nuts will promote the health of the body cells.

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