Menopause and Progesterone Cream
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Dyann-my
Posted on: June 17, 1999

I am starting menopause and have heard that natural progestrone creme evens out your hormones. Your body has estrogen dominance and that is why you get hot flashes. Have you heard anything regarding this?

Menopause is the time when the ovaries stop producing eggs as the levels of released estrogen and progesterone decline. Some studies have shown that progesterone declines more dramatically than estrogen. About 80% of menopausal women experience few or no symptoms with this change. Symptoms can often be avoided with a healthy diet, exercise and avoidance of stress.

"Natural" progesterone creams usually refer to creams using Wild Yam (Dioscorea villosa) and manipulating it in a laboratory to synthesize human hormones. There is no evidence that Wild Yam without pharmaceutical manipulation promotes hormone balancing. The "natural" progesterone creams appear to be safe, have fewer side effects than "synthetic" progesterone and alleviate many symptoms of menopause including hot flashes.

For more information on diet and herbs for menopause, please go to our website at, select the Q&A area, then choose "Search Richters Q and A" and enter the word "menopause" for the search.

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