Fungal Infection
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Suzie
Posted on: October 9, 1999

My boyfriend has tinia pedis fungal infection on his feet and his hands (that’s what the doctor called it) but I don’t believe he even knows. Some people call it chicken skin. Paul has been taking Zyrtec (10mg) and Mentax cream and Lamisil (250mg). It is not working and it’s getting worse. There is spreading and pus pockets and cracking and bleeding of the skin. Is there any thing you can tell me to do? Paul has had this for a month now.

Tinea pedis, a fungal infection of the feet which may spread to the hands, is treated externally with Thuja (Thuja oxidentalis), Myrrh (Comiphora molmol) or Tea tree oil. You should be able to find a cream containing these herbs in a health food store.

The fungal infection may spread through the lymphatic glands. Myrrh, a strong anti-fungal and immune system stimulator, can be taken internally, 5-10 drops, three times a day. Echinacea, one teaspoon, three times a day, and fresh garlic cloves, taken internally, will also help the immune system to clear the infection.

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