Tribulus terrestris for Body Building
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Neil
Posted on: October 24, 1999

I would appreciate some information on Tribulus terrestris. What exactly is it and what is its medicinal purpose? I heard that it raises testosterone levels in the body – it’s being promoted as doing this. Is this true? I am searching for a safe and effective work-out supplement to help me grow more muscle, instead of resorting to illegal substances or for that matter legal substances that might be dangerous e.g. DHEA, Androstenedione, etc.

It’s also promoted as an LH (luteinizing hormone) booster. Is this a good product for me to use with my workouts to grow additional muscle mass? Is it safe? Can it be toxic? How much of it should I take (amount) – and how many times a day? when should I take it, with or without food, before or after workout? For how long a period should I take this product before stopping it? How long after can I resume taking it?

Lastly, on the market, there are also products that add extras with this herb like tribulus added with DHEA and/or Androstenedione. Is this a good idea? Is it also safe?

Tribulus terrestris is a is an annual plant which has been commonly used in folk medicine as diuretic and against painful muscle spasms. I would not recommend using this herb for body-building purposes. Like any other herb, it can have side effects when used for purposes other than those diagnosed by a health professional. Most notably, it does have an effect on the muscles in the heart and blood vessels that could be dangerous.

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