Herbs for Enhancing Woman’s Bust
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Jennifer
Posted on: November 12, 1999

I have recently learned of an herbal mixture of fenugreek, saw palmetto and others that is supposed to enhance a woman’s bust. Are there any risks in taking these herbs? Do they cause any diseases? Should I stay away from them?

Fenugreek and Saw Palmetto have been used traditionally to enhance the breast. There are no studies to show that this works, but the herbs are considered to be generally safe, with the cautions indicated below.

Fenugreek is soothing on the intestinal tract, nutritive, lowers blood-sugar and aids bone healing. Caution is advised in taking medicinal doses for individuals with low blood-sugar, for those taking medication to lower blood-sugar, or for those who are on MAOI anti-depressants or hormone therapy. It may stimulate uterine activity so is not advised in pregnancy or breast-feeding.

Saw Palmetto is nutritive, a urinary antiseptic and stimulates the endocrine system - the system that secretes hormones into the blood stream. It may effect other hormone therapies such as oral contraceptives or hormone replacement, and is not advised in pregnancy or breast-feeding.

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