Use of Goldenseal Externally
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Name not given
Posted on: January 2, 2000

I was wondering if Goldenseal is bad to use on your face. Is it bad in prolonged use? Or is it even bad at all if its mixed in with aloe, vitamin E, chamomile, vanilla, comfrey, lecithin, spearment leaves, or vegetable oil?

Goldenseal’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory actions are useful for healing skin tissue in wounds. Other than that, its external use is a waste of an endangered plant. I assume this is the powdered form. Any alcoholic content will cause drying. Comfrey should not be used long term, even externally, because it enters the blood stream through the skin, and may cause liver damage. The other ingredients you mention should not cause any problems.

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