Herbology Education
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Mary Patrzalek
Posted on: January 2, 2000

On my second visit to the Richters’ web site, I read about you, and wonder if you may be able to help me locate a reputable firm by which I may be able to obtain my herbologist’s certification, or at least what I should be looking for in such an institution. I feel somewhat intimated in trying to locate a good firm on my own, not knowing of available standards, etc. by which to evaluate them. Right now, I am in Memphis, TN, and frankly do not hold out much hope for finding something in this area. Are there any effective correspondence programs?

Like you, I have a life long interest in foods and natural products, as well as holistic healing methods. I have a BS in Biology (’76) and was employed in pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing for 13 years, and now am closing in on a Master’s in Education. It is my dream to be connected with the everyday community and pass on my passion for life/the environment and its interdependency.

I look forward to hearing from you.

The Ontario Herbalists Association at http://www.herbalists.on.ca/education/ has contact information on Canadian schools of herbal and natural medicine, and includes the link to U.S. and British schools, http://www.herb.com/school.htm.

The American Herbalists Guild publishes a directory of schools of herbal medicine. You can get information on this at: http://www.healthy.net/herbalists/Educat.htm

I took my education at: School of Phytotherapy Registrar, Bucksteep Manor, Bodle Street Green, Hailsham, E Sussex BN27 4RJ, England 01323-833812/4; FAX: 01323-833869; email: medherb@pavilion.co.uk

This school is considered as a standard in U.S., Canada and Britain, qualifying a graduate to join the National Institute of Medical Herbalists in Britain and the American Herbalists Guild in the U.S. I took the distance education option, allowing me to study at home and attend summer seminars, exams and 500 hours of clinical training in Britain.

Dominion College in Vancouver now offers similar education with a distance education option.

Other schools that will be high quality (but I don’t know what qualifications they offer) and worth looking into are: Southwest School of Botanical Medicine Michael Moore, PO Box 4565 Bisbee, AZ 85603

Sweetgrass School of Herbalism Robyn Klein, Director, 6101 Shadow Circle Dr., Bozeman, MT 59715-8384 406-585-8006 email: rklein@sunrise.aplinet.net The U.S., Canada and Great Britain are now actively working at determining a means of standardizing education qualifications so that the public knows what they are getting when looking for a herbalist. The American Herbalists Guild and the National Institute of Herbal Medicine (U.K.) (http://www.btinternet.com/~nimh/) have standards worth aiming at.

Good luck! Your background gives you a great start.

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