Garlic Supplements for High Cholesterol
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Lisa
Posted on: July 8, 2000

I am interested in taking garlic for high cholesterol. I wondered which type of garlic to take. I do not like to eat raw garlic and I heard that garlic rich in allicin content was the best. If it does not say allicin on the bottle, do I assume it has it in it? Would I be better off buying a container with it labelled on it?

The benefits of garlic supplements vary according to preparation. The easiest way to take the best form of garlic is to chop up a fresh garlic clove and swallow the pieces with water. Very little garlic flavour stays in the mouth. If garlic is taken this way in the evening, the smell disappears by morning.

Knowledgeable staff at a health food store should be able to recommend a good supplement brand. The good brands usually state on the packaging that their supplements are high in allicin.

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