Reducing Medication for High Blood Pressure
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Name not given
Posted on: August 1, 2000

I am on high blood pressure medication Verapamil 360 mg and Clonidine can I take hawthorn berry and Garlic with these medications. How should I eventually get off these? Do I take one every other day or what. My husband took garlic and hawthorn and cut his medication down slowly. Can I do this?

Verapamil inhibits the transport of calcium (calcium is required for muscle contraction) into the heart and blood vessel muscles, decreasing contraction of these muscles, resulting in dilation (expansion) of the blood vessels, decreasing blood pressure by allowing the blood to flow through the blood vessels more easily.

Clonidine acts on the central nervous system to inhibit heart rate acceleration and blood vessel contraction.

Hawthorn berry eases strain on the heart by dilating the blood vessels to decrease blood pressure, and increase oxygen utilization.

Garlic dilates the blood vessels to decrease blood pressure and prevents cholesterol build up in the blood vessels.

It can be dangerous to decrease your prescribed medication. You should work with a qualified and experienced natural health practitioner who can take your complete health picture into account to advise you on alternatives and monitor your progress. Your doctor should be advised of any changes you intend to make in your medications.

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