Trying to Find Burra Gokeroo
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Arlene
Posted on: August 15, 2000

Perhaps you can help me. I am an herbalist and have been trying to find Burra Gokeroo. Botanical name is Pedalium murex. Have you ever heard of this?

I have an old herbal remedy book written John H. Tobe, Provoker Press 1969. The herb is recommended for incontinence. In the research I have not found it listed anywhere else, but would like to find it and try it.

We have not heard of "Burra Gookeroo" or the botanical name Pedalium murex but these names are mentioned in Margaret Grieve’s "A Modern Herbal" (available online in the Richters InfoCentre section of our website).

She says that it grows in India where the seeds are used. They are diuretic, demulcent, and aphrodisiac and are used for "impotence in males, nocturnal emissions, gonorrhoea, gleet and incontinence of urine."

Grieve lists two latin names for "Burra Gookeroo": Pedalium murex and "Tribulus terrestes". We suspect that this latter name is a mispelling of "Tribulus terrestris" which is also a seed grown and used in India (and elsewhere) for its aphrodisiac properties. Tribulus terristris and Pedalium murex are two different plants, but it is curious that Grieve would list both for "Burra Gookeroo". Were these two plants confused at one time – it has happened before in the herb world.

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