Mystery Bug Bites
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Gail
Posted on: August 16, 2000

I recently moved from Los Angeles to the mountian area in Kern County, California (Lake Issabella).

I have noticed bug bites all over my body, they look like mosquito bites but much larger welts – and so many of them. The strange thing is, I have never seen what it is that’s biting me!!

No one else in the house has these bites, so my question is: Are there herbs that will repel bugs? I have tried the over-the-counter sprays, and creams, they do nothing to stop them! I also have noticed sometimes, my lips will swell, as if I had been bitten on them, it feels like I just came from the dentist!

I’m not crazy, although I feel funny that they don’t bite anyone else!

Can you suggest something?

It does seem odd that only one person is getting bitten. I am not familiar with the wild and wonderful insect fauna in your area, so I cannot guess what might be the problem.

Are the bites occurring at night? Obviously, if you have a window open at night and the others don’t then that suggests you are grappling with something that may be flying in. You could also have bed bugs which might explain why the others are not getting bitten.

Obviously, you need to begin with some detective work to isolate the culprits. Try sleeping in different beds, etc.

There are herbs that do repel insects. None has a blanket repellant effect, so you need to know what it is you are trying to repel. Yarrow, for example, is effective against mosquitoes. Tansy and others work against ants.

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