Uses of Autumn Sage (Salvia greggii)
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Marla Brock
Posted on: September 16, 2000

Does Salvia greggii have any medicinal or culinary use?

According to Salvia authority Richard Dufresne, this species has been used by Mexicans as a seasoning. We tasted the aromatic leaves and found that they have an interesting, complex flavour with slight lemon undertones, but then later a bitter element seems to take over. This was with the fresh leaves and we wonder what dried leave taste like. It is possible to see how this might be used as a seasoning in certain local cuisines in Mexico. Salvia greggii comes from the Mexican state of Oaxaca where a number of other species of Salvia come from.

Dufresne also says that the flowers may be edible. We tried them and they taste wonderful. They have a slight crunchy texture, and the abundant nectar gives them a sweetness. They would be very nice in salads.

We did not find any reference of S. greggii having medicinal properties or uses.

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