Safety of Dandelion Root
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Barbara
Posted on: September 24, 2000

I have been drinking dandelion root tea or taking dandelion capsules (one capsule daily, 500 mg) for a few weeks. I mainly wanted to see if they had a diuretic affect due to (hot weather) water retention. I was very pleased that it is an effective herb, yet it seems very gentle on the system. Can you please comment on the safely of this herb? I don’t want to abuse it and safety is of the utmost concern. Also, is it safe to continue to take it as long as I like?

Dandelion root is very safe and can be taken in this dosage daily. The only contraindication is for those who get hay fever, when dandelion may cause an allergic reaction. Because of its diuretic action, it should not be taken with diuretic drugs.

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