Herbs to Help Eyes Nose and Ears
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Brian
Posted on: October 26, 2000

I need an herb that helps the eyes, nose and ears all at once. Do you have one?

There are several entries on our website at http://www.richters.com that may help you. Choose "Q&A" from the main menu, then choose "Search Richters Q&A", and enter any of the following words for the search: "eye", "nasal", "ear", "sinus" "allerg"

Depending on what your health problems are with your eyes, nose and ears, two of the most useful herbs may be Plantain and Garlic. Both will help with allergies and infections, common causes of problems in these areas.

Plantain (Plantago major or Plantago lanceolata) is antihistamine, anti-bacterial, anti-allergy, expectorant, diuretic, helps clear toxins through the lymph glands and strengthens the mucous membranes. You can take plantain as a tea or an alcoholic tincture. Use two teaspoons of the dried herb, steeped for 15 minutes in a cup of boiling water, three times a day.

Garlic is antibiotic, anti-viral, antihistamine, expectorant and protective against allergies. Garlic is most effective taken fresh. To avoid the garlic taste, chop up a clove of garlic and swallow the small pieces with lots of water. Take three fresh cloves daily.

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