Does Ginger Prevent Cancer?
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Name not given
Posted on: December 16, 2000

Can ginger really help cancer? My stepfather has said for the past 32 years that ginger could heal cancer or protect you from cancer? Any truth to this?

Ginger has shown in studies to have cancer-fighting properties.

Susun Weed in "Breast Cancer? Breast Health!" (Ash Tree Publishing) states that "Ginger, used consistently, even in small doses, is remarkably effective at preventing the initiation of breast cancer. Ginger contains many anti-cancer phytochemicals, including antioxidants and carotenes."

Comment from: Bill
Posted on: November 26, 2006

You may be interested that I actually cured my cancer at the end of 2002 using ginger root powder. I think the myth about ginger being a useful cancer treatment is fact.

I am not a doctor, so this is only based on my experience and what I have learned since my cure. You should consult your oncologist. I had previously been using ginger root powder in 500mg capsules for stomach upset. But then tried it successfully at a higher than label dosage instead of anti-biotic. When prostate cancer spread to and blocked my colon, I tried ginger. I took up to six capsules, four times a day. I was very lucky. It worked!

With perfect hindsight I think now that the cancer may have been treated more gently, but not too gently. Ginger at a high enough dosage kills cancer cells. The trick is to not kill so many that your liver and kidneys are overloaded. Also at high dosages ginger can cause some rather disturbing effects.

A small number of people are allergic to ginger. Ginger should not be taken if
- currently being treated for cancer,
- currently taking anti-coagulant drugs,
- likely to interact with other medication,
- have kidney, liver, gall bladder, ulcers, lung disease,
- are not able to quickly swallow many large capsules, wash them down into your stomach, and keep them there,
- are pregnant or lactating,
- are bedridden,
- are unable to survive the flu,
- have heart rhythm problems,
- don’t have access to medical assistance and dialysis if required.

I Would:
- have help available.
- take the minimum effective dosage. ( This is more than four grams per day of ginger root powder for a 150 pound person. But certainly not more than twelve grams per day. )
- take ginger for one to three days.
- take ginger for a shorter time or lower dosage if there is a lot of cancer tissue. ( Killing too much cancer too fast can be dangerous. But NO cancer will die if the dose is too low. )
- have a moderate to high humidity. (At some points I experienced extreme lung irritation. Don’t allow the lungs to dry out. Keep the mucus flowing.)
- drink lots of water. ( Flush the toxins from the dying cancer out of the body and keep the kidneys from getting overloaded. )
- rest as much as required. Take it easy.
- stop taking the ginger if you have any dangerous side-effects. ( I have a bad heart, it fluttered, I stopped the ginger for a day, then started again at a lower dose. )
- take vitamins and minerals. ( Killing cancer can be very stressful on the body. The body needs help. )
- repeat as required. ( One to two weeks later or not until you feel up to it. )

What is it like?
At a moderate dosage for a fairly healthy person, there may only be the feeling of a warm tummy. After treatment there may be some mild nausea and weariness. The more extreme the treatment and advanced the cancer the more severe the effects of the ginger treatment. At the extreme there may be heart rhythm disturbance, nausea, liver irritation, burning feeling during urination, kidney failure, fever, chills, weakness, extreme lung irritation with a burning dry cough, and fatigue. Basically, be reasonable, only push it to what you feel you can safely tolerate.

Usually it only requires one to three treatments. Ginger can be so gentle you may not feel that anything has happened. Nausea is a good hint that cancer tissue has been killed. There may be strange itching or other vague sensations inside the body where a tumour has been killed. The body will heal naturally, but the cancer may have done some permanent damage that will not heal. The healing may take weeks, months, or even a couple years. Watch out for a return of symptoms. Cancer often will send out cells around the body long before the first sign of cancer appears. These pre-cancerous cells can lay dormant for years and are not affected by the ginger treatment. So to catch any new cancer you should repeat the treatment every two years or sooner if required.

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