Herbal Treatment of Male Genital Fungus
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Erik
Posted on: May 11, 2001

What do you suggest for genital fungus treatment, naturally?

James Green in "The Male Herbal" (The Crossing Press) recommends using a penis soak for the male genitals, to avoid passing genital infections back and forth between male and female partners. Green attributes the origins of this therapy to Cascade Anderson Geller.

Green states: "To perform a penis soak simply hold a (tall, medium or short) drinking glass filled with a strong infusion or decoction of appropriate herbs and hang in there for about 5-10 minutes. (If your foreskin has not already been sent to prepuce heaven, retract the foreskin throughout the soak). The tea should be as warm as possible. It is helpful to include the testicles in the soak too, so you might graduate to a vase or jar as a container. An alternate method is the sitz bath, filling a small basin or plastic tub with the warm herb tea and sitting in it. This is probably more trouble to prepare, but it is comfortable and frees both hand, so you can read a magazine, shave or adjust the VCR while you’re sitting there"

Green recommends using a combination of Yarrow, Sage, Lavender and Chaparral for the herbal soak, and adding one or 2 drops of essential oil of Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), Lavender (Lavendula vera) and/or Bergamot (Citrus bergamia). Disperse the oils well in the tea mixture and soak for 5-10 minutes at least once a day, but preferably 2 to 3 times a day.

To make a strong infusion for the soak, place 2 teaspoon each of the recommended herbs in a teapot or jar for each cup of water. Pour boiling water over the herbs, cover, and allow the infusion to come to a comfortable temperature, then strain, and mix in the essential oils if you are using them. The unused portion may be refrigerated for up to 2 days and reheated for future use.

Both partners must work to improve their immune systems. Echinacea can be used for this purpose.

For female herbal treatment for fungal infections, please go to our website at http://www.richters.com, choose "Q&A" from the main menu, then choose "Search Richters Q&A", and enter the word "candida" for the search.

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