Herbs for Depression and Other Health Problems
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Dave
Posted on: May 11, 2001

I am a 38 year male. I am married and have two children. For the most part, I have lived a healthy life, however, in the past five years I have noticed a decline in my health and have suffered several ailments. Kidney stones, weightgain, and have just recently suffered a bout of gout on my right foot. I have also been diagnosed in the past year with uni-polar depression, for which a doctor has prescribed Paxil. I have been under quite a bit of stress, both on and off the job. One stressor being an upcoming promotional exam, which rests a sizable increase in pay, status and job change. I am looking for an alternative to prescription medication as what was prescribed for me makes me tired, unable to sleep, or makes me feel like I am "high". I am also looking for something that might help my concentration level and memory. I try to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly, but still feel that I am lacking something. Please help.

I suggest that you visit a trained, experienced natural health practitioner to help you sort out the best treatment strategy. There may be many factors involved. In gout, kidney stones and weight gain, there are probably dietary factors involved. Good, general dietary recommendations include a high proportion of fresh fruit and vegetables, at least one daily serving of whole grains, nuts and seeds, 4 to 8 glasses of pure water daily, avoiding coffee, alcohol, refined and processed foods, and minimizing dairy and meat products. Your liver may need some help to eliminate metabolic wastes in your system. Dandelion root is liver-supportive.

For depression, Oats (taken as oatmeal, oat straw tea or a juice made from oats) and skullcap (taken as a tincture or tea) nourish the nerves. St. John’s wort is specific for mild to moderate depression.

The herb Valerian is usually helpful as an occasional sleep aid that does not make you feel groggy in the morning.

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