Dandelion for Weight Loss?
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Arlene
Posted on: May 15, 2001

I am having trouble losing 10-12 lbs. I would like to get my weight down. I am not succeeding at Weight Watchers. There is a herbal tea that I had heard about on a radio station where after Christmas models in an agency were using dandelion tea. This was to help them take off the few pounds they had gained over the holiday. I am not sure if it was dandelion. Could you clarify me on this and what would you recommend?

Diuretics, agents that increase the excretion of urine to help eliminate excess fluid from the system, are often used in weight loss formulas. Many prescription diuretics cause a dangerous potassium loss from the body, and need to be supplemented with potassium. Dandelion (the leaf, root and flower can be used) contains potassium, and its use results in a net potassium gain. Dandelion also supports the liver. Medically, it is one of the most useful herbs we have for use in water retention caused by poor circulation and kidney or bladder inflammations.

We recommend diet changes, rather than diuretics, for weight loss. Used inappropriately, diuretics can cause imbalances in the body and adversely affect kidney function.

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