Natural Ways to Gain Weight
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Name not given
Posted on: May 15, 2001

Today’s society can only think about losing weight. Believe it or not I would like to gain about 10-15 pounds. Is there some natural herb to help me out. I lost 12 lbs. right before I had a hysterectomy. I liked the size I was. I feel like I am too small now. My clothes are having to be altered. I wish I could gain naturally.

There may be an underlying cause for your inability to gain weight. Check, by a blood test, that your thyroid hormones are within normal range, and consult with a natural health practitioner, who will look for food intolerances or other causes of poor absorption.

If there is no underlying cause, a healthy, balanced diet should help you to maintain a healthy weight: 50 % of the diet should be fresh fruit and vegetables, 20 % protein and unrefined carbohydrates, and 10 % polyunsaturated fats. The following foods are healthy and high in calories: yogurt with active bacterial cultures, nuts, potatoes, avocados and legumes.

Fresh fruit and oatmeal are good choices, because they will help to improve your energy. Dandelion root, which may be taken as "dandelion coffee" (available from health food stores) or as a tincture, can help by stimulating your appetite and supporting your liver to produce digestive juices that aid digestion and absorption of nutrients from your food. Daily aerobic exercise, such as walking, dancing or cycling, helps to improve the appetite and helps the weight to be gained as muscle instead of fat.

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