How Much Garlic Should I Take for High Cholesterol?
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Pat
Posted on: May 31, 2001

I have a question about garlic. I have high cholesterol. I read in your web site to take garlic. It helps reduce it. But I’m a little confused about how much to take daily.

For greatest benefit, garlic is best taken raw or slightly cooked, at least one clove a day. To take garlic raw, I suggest cutting a clove into small pieces, and swallowing the pieces with water. You can also add freshly crushed garlic to salad dressings, pastas, sauces or a baked potato.

To avoid the breath smell of garlic, garlic capsules can be used for reducing cholesterol, but the capsules may not give all of the health benefits gained with fresh garlic. Ask for a good brand at a health food store, and follow the package directions.

Many studies confirm that garlic reduces cholesterol, increases immune response, stabilizes blood sugar, reduces the risk of strokes and lowers blood pressure.

A recent study showed that high consumption of raw or cooked garlic reduced the risk of stomach and colorectal cancer by close to 50%. High garlic intake in this study was considered to be 18.3 to 30 grams per week, approximately six to twelve cloves.

Taking garlic should not be the sole treatment of high cholesterol. Diet and exercise are major factors influencing blood cholesterol. Avoiding fats in meat and dairy products, and engaging in daily exercise, such as a half hour walk, will have a good effect on cholesterol.

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