Hypothyroid and Weight Loss
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Carol
Posted on: July 30, 2001

Can you please tell me what herbs are acceptable for a weight loss plan when taking Synthroid for an underactive thyroid?

Attention to diet and exercise may be more helpful than herbs in losing weight. Flax seed and oily fish, such as wild salmon, mackerel and sardines, contain omega-3 fatty acids, which help the body to burn excess fat. Saturated fats in meat and dairy should be minimized. Vegetable protein, tofu or a whole grain and legume combination, can take the place of meat in some meals. Fibre-rich fruit and vegetables should make up the major portion of your diet.

Digestion, absorption of food and elimination of wastes by the bowel are important.

To optimize digestion: avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners, cold drinks, especially during or after meals, high fat foods, fried food, refined food and large portions. Keep dairy products, meat products and eggs to a minimum. Take yogurt with active bacterial cultures daily. Digestive teas, such as German Chamomile, Fennel and Ginger can be taken between meals.

If you tend toward constipation, maximize fibre-rich apples, pears, prunes, rhubarb, beets, green leafy vegetables, leeks, and onions in your diet. Dandelion, in the form of tincture, tea or "coffee" (available at health food stores) is a gentle laxative and supports the liver to produce digestive juices.

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