Throat Irritation
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Questioon from: Barbara

I am starting a new and what could be a wonderful job at the beginning of the new year - this I should be looking forward to however, I have one problem. I have had a problem with my throat for many years. I can never seem to keep it clear of mucus therefore I am always coughing and trying to clear my throat which is very annoying for myself and more so for the people around me. I worked at my last job for 16 years and I think most people just got used to it but I am sure it was disturbing to some when they were deep in thought. This is all I have been able to think about since the job was offered. To make it worse, my husband pointed out to me that I had cleared my throat 16 times in one telephone conversation. I have been to a medical specialist and they have found nothing. Recently I decided to try taking an antihistamine every single day. It helps slightly, but I can’t keep doing this as I have high blood pressure. Are you aware of an herbal remedy which would help to dry up or dissipate the mucus at the back of my throat?

It is important to look at the cause of the mucus formation. Allergies to food or environmental allergens often cause a post nasal drip resulting in an excess of mucus in the throat. Dairy products are mucus forming. It is usually helpful to eliminate milk and cheese from the diet. Drink plenty of liquids to help thin the mucus, making its elimination easier. 8 glasses daily of water, juices or herbal teas is recommended.

One of the best remedies for clearing mucus is a salt-water solution. Use 1/4 teaspoon salt to 1/2 cup of warm water as a gargle and a as nasal rinse twice daily. As a nasal rinse, inhale this liquid through each nostril, allow it to run down the throat and spit it out. This helps to clear the nasal passages by loosening the mucus, preventing a thick mucus from lodging in the throat.

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