Side Effects to Ginseng
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Mary
Posted on: January 28, 2002

I sometimes have hot tea with some form of Ginseng in it. I’ve noticed headaches and muscle spasm after I’ve have tea with mint and ginseng and ginger.

I also have been taking ginseng in pill form and in liquid form, and these reactions have happened. I have muscle spasm do to an injury but when I take this Herb I notice something happens. Could it be this herb is not for me?

Side effects to Ginseng are rare, but anyone can have an adverse reaction to any herb, food or drug. Side effects to Ginseng have been reported in studies only when high doses are taken or when the subjects suffered some ailment before taking Ginseng. Ginseng may not be suitable for highly energetic people, those with high blood pressure, those taking anti-psychotic drugs, hormonal treatment, blood sugar balancing drugs or blood pressure drugs.

Ginseng should be used only for specific purposes (for example, improving stress reaction, improving immunity, balancing blood sugar) and only for a time period of one to four weeks. Long term treatment may cause nerve inflammation that leads to muscle spasm.

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