Cayenne for Cleansing
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Name not given
Posted on: February 1, 2002

I’ve heard that cayenne pepper is great for stimulating the digestive system and helping to cleanse the bowels. Is this true? Could you give me more information regarding cayenne pepper and it’s uses? Could you tell me how many gel caps should be taken and for how long for this process?

Cayenne is a great favourite of Dr. John R. Christopher. In his book "Herbal Home Health Care" (Christopher Publications), he states "Cayenne is slightly laxative, stimulates the organs it passes through, aids in rebuilding varicose conditions, and eliminating cholesterol from the area. It does a real cleaning and rebuilding job." Christopher uses it in his lower bowel cleanse, along with Barberry bark, Cascara sagrada bark, Ginger, Golden Seal root, Lobelia, Red Raspberry leaves, Turkey Rhubarb root and Fennel. He also uses cayenne as one step in is "mucusless diet" in his book "Dr. Christopher’s Three Day Cleansing Program, Mucusless Diet and Herbal Combinations" (Christopher Publications). He recommends gradually increasing the dosage from 1/4 teaspoon in a little cold water three times a day, to one teaspoon three times a day by adding 1/4 teaspoon to the dose every three days. The mixture is followed by drinking a full glass of water. He warns that anyone with problems outside the scope of his formulas should consult a health practitioner before starting on one of his programs.

Not all Cayennes are created equally. The cayenne in a spice bottle on the grocery store shelf has only a fraction of the heat of a good cayenne from a health food store. Christopher does not specify which variety he uses. I do not recommend using capsules. If you use them, you will have to follow the directions on the bottle.

As part of a cleansing program, cayenne is usually used in a three day a juice or water fast. In order to cleanse effectively and avoid health problems while fasting, you should consult with a health care practitioner or follow the directions in a reputable book such as Christopher’s.

Cayenne is not for everyone – it can irritate some intestinal conditions.

Christopher also uses Cayenne in his recommendations for bleeding wounds, nosebleeds, as an emergency measure after a heart attack, and in a salve for arthritis, stiff joints etc.

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