Child’s Cold
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Vaughn
Posted on: February 8, 2002

My question concerns what may be the appropriate doseage of echinacea tincture to give to a six-year old? My daughter has been experiencing one of those colds that seem to go on forever. She was on an antibiotic for mild pneumonia that evidently has cleared up, but she has since then succumbed to a flu bug. I would like to try my echinacea tincture, but the one I have is alcohol-based. Should I have worries about giving a child an alcoholic product? I always dilute this tincture in water when I take some.

The dosage for your 6 year old child is 1/3 (one third) the adult dose. Dosages vary widely depending on the herbal preparation, but for Echinacea is typically 1/2 (one half) to one teaspoon of a tincture three times a day for an adult. I usually recommend dissipating the alcohol in tinctures by splashing boiling water over the measured dose, and allowing to cool before taking.

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