Child’s Asthma and Allergies
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Shelly
Posted on: February 8, 2002

My son was diagnosed with asthma and allergies. He was tested already and is allergic to mold, dog, dust mites, cat and all greens. His tests showed no allergies to foods. He has been on Zyrtec (antihistamine) and a nebulizer which we use cromolyn (controller med.) and albuterol when needed. It is ridiculous to see this little boy being pumped with all this medication. My husband and I are so concerned if all this stuff will somehow affect him down the road. He is always sick, could you please tell me exactly what I can give him maybe as a tea since he is only three. I am very new to the use of herbs and I’m not sure of the dosages that should be used and if he can use herbs while still on the medication. We have done everything to his environment to try to control the allergies but it’s not working very well. I really believe my son has a breakdown in his immune system.

Food sensitivities do not usually show on allergy tests, but are the major cause of asthma. In most cases, asthma will clear when dairy products are removed from the child’s diet. Some children are sensitive to gluten in grains. These foods do not have to be given up forever, but can be gradually reintroduced to the child’s diet several months after the asthma has cleared. Herbs speed the healing process.

You can try a tea or tincture of Chamomile, Thyme and Wild Indigo. Thyme is antibacterial, antiviral, especially effective in infections of the respiratory system. Chamomile is calming, anti-inflammatory and helps the digestive system, which may be weak due to allergies. Wild Indigo is very safe, a strong decongestant and immune stimulant. For a tea, mix equal parts of the herbs. Measure one half teaspoon of the mixture and place in a ceramic pot or cup. Add 1/2 cup boiling water and allow to steep for 15 minutes. Strain, add honey if desired, and give your child sips throughout the day. For a tincture, mix the herbal tinctures together and give your child 1/5 (one fifth) of a teaspoon, three times a day. I recommend that you dissipate the alcohol in the tincture by splashing boiling water on the measured dose and allowing to come to room temperature before giving to your child. This can be added to your child’s favourite juice.

Some people who suffer hay fever from Ragweed allergy are also allergic to Chamomile. If you think your son is allergic to ragweed, then leave out the Chamomile. These herbs can be taken with medication.

There is more complete diet and herbal information on asthma and allergies on our website at Choose "Q&A" from the main menu, then choose "Search Richters Q&A", and enter the word "asthma" for one search and "allerg" for a second search. The item "children’s dosage" explains how to calculate dosages for children.

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