Help for Water Retention
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Tammy
Posted on: March 25, 2002

Please tell me the herb/herbs to use for water retention? I try to decrease my sodium in-take. And drink plenty of water. But sometimes I could use a little more help. And I’m afraid a prescription would be more than I need.

Some of the known non-disease causes of water retention are overuse of laxatives or diuretics, imbalance of hormones in Pre Menstrual Syndrome or in taking birth control pills, some blood pressure medications, overuse of salt or products such as soy sauce, inadequate water intake, protein deficiency and allergies.

Dandelion is a safe diuretic, because it contains potassium, which is lost with the use of many prescription diuretics. Dandelion “coffee” is a dandelion root product available at most health food stores. Dandelion is also liver supportive, a helpful action in cases of hormone imbalance.

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