Help for a Sleepless Baby
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Name not given
Posted on: March 28, 2002

I have a 2 month old baby he is a very light sleeper during the day – between half an hour and one hour. At night he wakes up every two hours. What can I do? Also what can I do so that he doesn’t get use to being carried, as all the time he is a wake he wants to be carried. If I put him down he cries a lot and for very long time. This makes me worried. Please help me as soon as you can,

There are many possible causes for a baby’s restlessness. Possibilities include stomach ache, ear or sinus infection, food or airborne allergies. It is important to first determine the cause.

If you are breastfeeding and have any allergies or indigestion, these can be transferred to your child through the milk. An experienced herbalist can help you with these, and you will see the results in your baby’s sleep pattern. If you drink coffee or other caffeine drinks, this too will be transferred through the milk to keep your baby from a proper sleep.

If you are not breastfeeding, your baby may be allergic to his formula.

Watch your baby for signs of bloating, gas, stuffy nose, grabbing at his ear, any rashes, and report these to a natural health practitioner experienced in child care.

Relaxing herbs can be used in many ways.

Essential oils of lavender or rose: add a drop to the bathwater; add a drop or two to a tablespoon of olive or sweet almond oil and massage into your baby’s skin.

Herbal teas: Relaxing Catnip, Lemon Balm, Passionflower or Linden. If you are nursing, taking these teas yourself will calm your son through your milk. If you are not nursing, dilute a teaspoon of the tea with water and give to your child in a bottle or dropper, two or three times daily.

A sleep pillow: fill some soft cotton with cup of lavender flowers and place close to your baby’s head.

If your baby still does not sleep well, try to arrange for someone to look after him for an hour or two each day so that you can take good care of yourself.

During the day, it may be helpful to carry him around in a sling or pack so that you have your hands free, while keeping your baby secure and happy.

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