Music Base Sensitivity
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Patricia
Posted on: March 28, 2002

I seem to have become very sensitive to music base that is being played in our neighborhood almost 24 hours a day. I feel it in my chest, bed, furniture and has become almost impossible for me to sleep in our home. Could some kind of hormone imbalance and chemical change/imbalance be causing this because my husband (at times) hears a faint beat of the music but doesn’t feel it in his body as I do.

Is there an herb/supplement that I could try? Had blood test (by my gynecologist) for thyroid, diabetes and metabolic and all was great with no problems. He said he has never heard of this problem and not sure who to refer me to. What kind of doctor would I see regarding this matter?

I suggest that you visit an Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. The ear is a complicated mechanism, with all its bones, membranes, fluids and hairs perfectly balanced for sound. There are several areas here that could be your sound problem. For example, the stapedius muscle in the middle ear has the protective function of dampening large vibrations that result from loud noises. Paralysis of the stapedius muscle is associated with abnormally sensitive hearing, called hyperacusia. The tympanic membrane vibrates slowly or rapidly according to sound frequency, transferring this vibration eventually to the ear’s fluid, hairs and nerve endings. All of these areas are involved in the sound vibration that you feel.

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