Herbal Treatment for Vitiligo
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Olinda
Posted on: May 28, 2002

Please tell me if there is a herb treatment for Vitilgio.

Although the cause of vitiligo, a skin de-pigmentation disorder, is unknown, it has been related to decreased immune functioning, autoimmune disorders, digestive weaknesses and nervous disorders. Natural and herbal support centres around a nutritious diet, and immune system , digestive system and nervous system support. Treatment with herbs for these systems would depend on the individual’s health condition. Check with your medical practitioner to rule out autoimmune disease such as pernicious anaemia, diabetes and thyroid disease. Topical steroids can cause skin damage.

Immune system support may include echinacea and a lymphatic support herb such as cleavers. Digestive support may include bitter herbs like dandelion root and yellow dock root. Bitter herbs stimulate hydrochloric acid, which is often insufficient in people with vitiligo. Because food intolerances can be a contributing factor, watch for foods that trigger digestive problems, and eliminate these from your diet. Nervous system support may include valerian, skullcap and oats, as well as adrenal support with licorice. Supplements that may be helpful are vitamin B complex as nerve support and vitamin C with bioflavonoids to support the immune system.

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