Help for Body Odour and Acne
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Name not given
Posted on: June 6, 2002

My son is having a problem with perspiration. He does not eat green veggies or fruit, only meat and potatoes. He is also having a problem with his face breaking out and feet odour. I know there is something that can help him, please advise. Thanks.

It is normal for teenagers to sweat more, as their hormones change. Anxiety increases the amount of perspiration produced. Meat contributes to the bad odour in perspiration. If you think your son sweats excessively, have his doctor check his activity and blood sugar.

The healthiest way to reduce body odour and acne is with a balanced diet and by drinking lots of water. A diet high in fibre, that includes lots of liquids, promotes elimination through means other than through the skin. Try tempting him with smoothies: fresh fruits blended with water. Fibre can be added to the smoothie by blending in 1 - 2 tablespoons of flax seeds. Alternately, he can increase fibre and improve bowel elimination by taking 1 - 2 teaspoons of psyllium seeds with a full glass (at least 8 ounces) of water at night or first thing in the morning. One of the "greens" drinks, available at health food stores, can give him the benefits of green vegetables.

Some other suggestions:

- avoid polyester and other synthetic materials, which promote sweating

- wear leather shoes to reduce foot sweating

- garden sage reduces perspiration. If your son wants his perspiration to decrease, he may agree to drinking sage tea: 1/2 teaspoon of dried sage per cup of boiling water, steeped for 15 minutes.

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