Vaginal Pain
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Name not given
Posted on: June 6, 2002

I have had vaginal pain for one year. It started with pain and burning. I went to the obgyn. He said I had yeast infection and painted me with purple medicine that made me burn. I went back to his office a few days later and the infection was gone. I was given vagifem for a very thin vaginal lining. It caused me more pain for a few weeks, and then I was better. In October 2001 I started with same pain. I was diagnosed with yeast infection and was given diflucan and vagifem. I went back in January 2002 with the same thing: yeast infection. I also started having rectal pain in January 2002. The doctor gave me a colonoscopy and found nothing. I have had a little bleeding, which stopped when I began to drink aloe juice. I need to get this cured, not just take something for pain. I have been on diflucan 1 X 100 mg a week for 12 weeks. I stll have the pain, and the infection comes back before I take the pill each week. I also was put on 1 hormone pill per day. I am 62 years of age and in good health except for this.

I recommend that you consult with a local herbalist or naturopath experienced in women’s health issues. They will do a thorough assessment and help to get you on a healing path.

In the meantime, you can discourage bacterial and candida infection by:

- eliminating sugar from your diet, since candida thrives on sugars

- taking two tablespoons of unsweetened yogurt with active bacterial cultures, or alternately, acidophilus & bifidus capsules, three times daily. This supplies good bacteria to combat candida

- taking raw garlic at night: chop up a garlic clove, and swallow the bits with water. Garlic is an excellent antifungal and antibacterial

- supporting your immune system. Eat lots of fresh red, orange and green vegetables, fish and a little fruit. Dairy products like milk and cheese have a high sugar content (lactose) and should be avoided

- eating a little tofu several times a week. Tofu contains isoflavones, which can help in thin vaginal walls. The vaginal walls thin due to a decrease in estrogen in menopause.

- supporting your liver to help detoxification. Bitters, like dandelion root, are liver supportive.

Food sensitivities are often behind yeast infections. If there are any foods in your diet that you suspect give you digestive problems, avoid them completely.

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