Herbs that help Acne and Menstrual Cramps
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Name not given
Posted on: September 8, 2002

I have had severe pains during my menstrual cycle and I have had moderate acne on and off for approximately ten years now. I have sought medical treatment for both, and all that could be done has been done. I have been recommended to look into herbs as a way of helping or hopefully relieving some of the symtoms of both problems.

My question is this, which combination of herbs are better and more effective to take to help with both and how long before I should stop taking the herbs? I am going to start taking Redclover flowerheads for my acne, and for my menstrual cramps either:

A) St.Johnswort and kava kava


B) black haw bark, dandelion leaf, vervain, vitex agnus castus (chasteberry), crampbark, and Siberian ginseng

Which one is best with red clover for acne...and IS red clover best for acne?

Menstrual problems and acne are often related. Both are often helped with diet and herbs that help to clear toxins from the system and support detoxification through the liver.

The diet should be high in essential fatty acids like oily fish (salmon, tuna, sardines, herrings, mackerel) and freshly ground flax seed (two tablespoons daily, sprinkled on food or taken with a glass of water). The fibre in flax seeds is also The fibre in flax seeds is a good natural laxative, clearing toxins through the bowel. A supplement of Evening Primrose oil (1000 mg. of a good brand of capsules, three times daily) nourishes the skin and helps to regulate hormones. Essential fatty acids reduce pain and inflammation. A deficiency causes skin, liver and hormonal problems.

Fresh fruit and vegetables assist cleansing, and should make up about 50% of you diet. Foods to be avoided include all refined grains (flour, cakes, pasta etc.), fried food and food containing sugar. Include whole grains, nuts and seeds in your diet.

Herbs that may be helpful include: Red clover, which supports elimination by the lymph glands; dandelion root supports liver processing and elimination from the bowel and kidney; nettles support the blood and circulation; turmeric is effective internally and externally for skin problems. Turmeric contains vitamins and minerals and has anti-oxidant, liver supportive, anti-inflammatory and blood purifying properties.

For more detailed information on acne, please see similar questions that we have answered previously on our website at http://www.richters.com. Choose "Q&A" from the main menu, then choose "Search Richters Q&A", and enter the word "acne". Please see the item " Menstrual Pains" for detailed information on the two different types of menstrual cramping, and the herbs that are helpful for each type.

Regarding your herbal suggestions: A combination of St. johnswort and kava kava is usually used for anxiety and depression. The second combination is more helpful for menstrual pains that are associated with a build up of toxins and a hormone imbalance. The ginseng and vervain in that formula are also helpful in relieving stress. Red Clover is a lymphatic cleanser helpful in skin problems and antispasmodic helpful in relieving cramps. It can be used with both of the formulas you mention.

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