Maca for Energy and Endurance
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Sue
Posted on: September 25, 2002

I read a prevention book and it mentioned Peruvian power plant maca and how it is used to give energy and endurance. Is this just for males? I can’t seem to find out any information on this product for females and would like to know if this is something I would be interested in.

Maca is used by males and females for energy, endurance and as an aphrodisiac.

Many species of maca, including Lepidium meyenii and L. peruvianum, have been cultivated for thousands of years as food crops in the Peruvian Andes. The root of the plant is used. There doesn’t appear to be enough known about maca to definitively state its medicinal uses, but it does appear to have hormonal effects.

Some researchers claim that there is no truth in claims of maca’s aphrodisiac action, and that in fact it is an anti-aphrodisiac. Differences in claims of effectiveness may be caused by the particular growing conditions of the plant, the dosage, the species and the individual consumer’s health and metabolism.

Other claimed medicinal uses of maca include fatigue, menopausal symptoms, anaemia, leukaemia, chronic fatigue, menstruation problems, infertility, AIDS, osteoporosis, stomach cancer and tuberculosis.

Regarding dosage: It is traditionally eaten in large amounts as a food. For use as an energy tonic, it is recommended that the powdered root be purchased in bulk, taking 15 to 20 grams as a daily dose. The powder can be mixed in smoothies. When used for increasing libido, there are claims that the smaller doses in capsules work more effectively. There are no known contraindications.

Maca should be purchased from a good source, because there are some reports of adulteration with other materials and contamination with chemicals from fertilisers or from polluted areas.

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