Apple Cider Vinegar
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Name not given
Posted on: October 11, 2002

I want to know what the benefits of apple cider vinegar are. My friend, who is not a herbalist, is swearing by how they helped her lose weight and feel more energetic, and how her 90 year old mother takes them as well. I am a fairly heathy individual with about 50 pounds to loose. Do you reccomend apple cider vinegar tablets 500 mg a day? Will they dry out my blood because of the acidity? Please help me understand how they function.

Apple cider vinegar may be used medicinally, for a short period of time, to improve circulation and to support the digestive system and liver to clear toxins. The vinegar used should be organic and unpasteurized. There is no evidence that vinegar helps in weight loss, except as support for initial cleansing while changing the diet from one of refined, processed and fatty foods to a diet of whole foods. Long term weight loss can be accomplished only with proper diet and exercise. Vinegar is acidic, so large doses can cause a dietary imbalance leading to many health problems. A couple of teaspoons of vinegar a day on salads or soups provide a good dosage in an easily ingested form. The only advantage of taking apple cider vinegar capsules is avoidance of the vinegar taste.

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