Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Gail
Posted on: December 1, 2002

I have a sister and niece with neurofibromatosis. They both have fatty lumps and coffee spots on their skin. My sister is blind in one eye due to a tumour on the retina and my niece has scoliosis. She has already had a rod put in her back at age 3. She is now 15 and they are going to operate again, as her spine is 70% curved. If they don’t operate she could be paralysed if they do operate she could still be paralysed. The main reason I am asking is the fat lumps are now appearing on my sister face. Can you suggest any herbs that could help?

Neurofibromatosis is a genetic disorder of the nervous system affecting the development and growth of nerve cell tissues. This disorder causes tumors to grow on nerves and produce other abnormalities such as skin changes and bone deformities.

I’m sorry, I don’t know of natural help for this disorder. I suggest that you contact your local schools and associations for herbal medicine, naturopathic medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. Ask for a reference with experience in helping with neurofibromatosis.

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