New Alternatives for Cancer Treatment
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Kelly
Posted on: February 8, 2003

I have a question I am hoping you can help me with. In May of 2000 my mom was diagnoised with lung cancer. It is Aviola type and is a very slow growing cancer and she underwent chemo for 4 months and during that time she took Essiac tea and went through it with flying colors. No side effects (except hair loss) and no abnormal blood work. They were all amazed. She was given 2 cat scans during this time and the doctor decided that the cancer was stable and felt that she didn’t need to undergo anymore chemo as long as it was in remission. She was fine until December of 2002 when she had surgery to remove colon cancer. It was in the very begining of stage 3 and there were 6 lymph nodes removed and on 2 showed a small amount of cancer so the surgeon said that he would give her a 70-80% chance that she would never have a reoccurance if she didn’t take chemo follow up but that he would recommend it just as a procautionary measure. Well now her oncologist wants to do a PET scan to see if the cancer in her lungs is active and just lying dormant because if it is active he doesn’t want to give chemo and "upset it" and cause mom problems. So they would just continue to monitor her and as long as she had no further problems they would just keep watching her. But if it is indeed inactive which he thinks it is, then he would go ahead and start chemo where she would have a treatment once a week for six weeks then two weeks off and then back to the six weeks and so on. He told her that the chemo they use for colon cancer can be really hard on a person so that is why he doesnt to go ahead and just give it to her because it would be even worse if the cancer in her lungs came out of remission. So my mom is really upset by this and has cancelled her PET scan. She wants to just have them to just monitor her and she would like to treat herself herbally. She has more faith in God’s medicine than man’s. So my question is, what would you recommend that she be on? She is currently on Essiac tea, B-12 and Curcumin 90% but we have heard a lot of good things about Graviola, especially for lung and colon cancers. Then someone was telling us about Cancell and Haelan and are just really confused as to what would be best for her to be taking. If you aren’t able to answer my question, do you know anyone I could email to that might be able to help? I have called several health food stores in my area and they only recommend products they sell so I don’t trust them at all. Any help you could give will be greatly appreciated.

Susan Eagles, our medical herbalist, is on a sabbatical working in the Amazon on a herb-related project. Unfortunately she does not have access to email during this period. She is really the best person to answer your questions, so unfortunately we cannot help you at this time. Susan won’t be back for several months, and I am sure that you want help before then.

There is a very good reference book on alternative treatments for cancer that many competent herbalists respect and use. It is "Natural Compounds in Cancer Therapy" by John Boik and is available from the publisher at I am not sure if Graviola, Cancell and Haelan are covered but you would be well advised to have a look at this book anyway.

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