Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Pamela Elliott
Posted on: March 25, 2003

I have just been enjoying your website immensely! Having an interest in herbal remedies, I was recently given an old piece of paper, with what I thought might be some old wives’ tale on it. It is a recipe for Essiac. When my Real Estate agent was a young man in the Washago area, just south of Bracebridge, he did some driving for some influential doctors and politicians. He had the honour of meeting a nurse once by the name of Rene Caisse....

I too had the honour to meet her. She was quite an advocate of using herbs for medicinal purposes. Her legacy is a enduring one, as more and more people are using her Essiac formula. Even if it doesn’t always cure cancer, it is a terrific help to cancer patients, helping to improve bodily function and ease discomfort.

He was given a recipe by a doctor who knew and used her formula to treat his patients. The doctor has long since passed away but the recipe survives. The recipe is NOT written by her. It does however have all the four ingredients you discuss in your Q&A section! Amazing, I thought it was just a bunch of hype! Just yesterday, I was given one of your catalogues and inside found an article, from 1978, cut from a newspaper about Rene Caisse and Essiac!

And there are books on Essiac. We carry two: "The Essence of Essiac" and "Essiac, A Native Herbal Cancer Remedy". Both are fascinating reads.

I cannot wait to find out more about Richters. I had no idea there was an Herb Source so close! You are a very well kept secret! There is a company that will be doing some training in the Toronto area for Electrodermal Screening in the next 3-6 months. Do you provide herbs and tinctures for EAV and EDS?

Come and visit our greenhouses. We are opne seven days a week. There is a map and directions on our website (see "Come Visit Us").

No, we do not supply tinctures for "EAV" or "EDS".

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